I interviewed 8 fantastic people with unique differences and turned their advice into this children’s book. Enjoy! - Mrs. Burrell


Mrs. Burrell, a special education teacher, plans a memorable day for her class. She invites 8 people with unique differences to share things that helped them when they were younger. 


This colorful, heartfelt story is based on real-life situations and features real people with Dyslexia, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Autism, Vitiligo, Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, Dwarfism, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. 


MoreThan a Wheelchair (eBook)

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    Christa Gregg


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    This book was really fun to read. It is a perfect way to begin to broaden our knowledge about Black People beyond Rosa Parks, MLK, Jr., Malcolm X, and George Washington Carver who get covered during Black History month. There are pages in the back with pictures and short bios of the people in the book. I had my child pick one from each category and we just read the bio info as a place to start. This book is amazing as a jumping off point to learn more about inventors and creatives and others.

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