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Elodie never eats school lunch like her classmates do and they want to know why. So she educates her friends about different types of food and how food is made. Do you know where your food comes from? Elodie does. She'll teach you in "I Don't Eat That!", A Children's book about being vegan and where food comes from.


Message from the author:


“I believe children's books have, and have always had, the power to positively shape young minds. They were always my escape from childhood trauma. I loved the pictures, words, and magical stories about places I could only imagine.


It wasn't until I was an adult trying to get my students to share my love for literature that I realized something (or someone)really important was missing. That someone was me and the communities I serve. So, I started writing the stories that often go untold and illustrating characters who often go unseen, to make a magical genre of books that much more special because we all deserve to be seen.”


With Love, 


Mrs. Burrell "The Teacher Lady" 


I Don't Eat That!-Preorder

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