Strong Like a Girl is a story about a girl fighting gender inequality by educating her peers about how powerful girls are. Written by a special education teacher, this book uses child-friendly verbiage to explain how girls are able and capable of achieving the same things as boys. In addition to a fun story with colorful characters, this children’s book also highlights 13 women who have made differences in the world such as Malala Yousafzai and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.




When people try to tell Rosa what she can't do because she's a girl, she sets the record straight once and for all. Rosa knows she can do anything because so many other strong girls have already shown her it's possible. Come follow Rosa’s many adventures as she teaches everyone about girl power.


Teacher Edition:


This e-book version of the book has everything needed to teach multiple lessons on gender equality, sexism and women’s rights. This lesson plan was created by the author and illustrator Erica M. Burrell known as “The Teacher Lady”. Erica has a BA in sociology and a Masters in Elementary and special education with multiple teaching certifications. She believes in teaching children young about societal issues such as the unfair treatment of girls and women. Although the book is new, Erica and her colleagues have been teaching this lesson plan for years. When you purchase this pack, you are purchasing a working document. Meaning, Erica will continue to add new worksheets, activities, and resources to this folder. This is the perfect resource to add to your teaching toolbox. Let’s educate students young on the importance of gender equality.


What’s Included:


- Full lesson plan with a teaching script

- Outline of the lesson plan

- Coloring Pages

-The Flipbook version of Strong Like a Girl

-The PDF version of Strong Like a Girl

-The Discussion question version of Strong Like a Girl which includes guided questions for your classroom during the read aloud

- Multiple worksheets

-Tons of resources to continue teaching on gender equality



Strong Like A Girl

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